Mini-Grants to Members

Recent Mini-Grant Recipients and Their Projects


Dot Brovarney, for a book entitled Mendocino Refuge: Lake Leonard and Reeves Canyon.
Patricia Cullinan, for expenses relating to collection of oral histories of Sonoma Valley residents.
Taryn Edwards, supporting her web production of a biography of Andrew Hallidie, a history of the Mechanics’ Institute, and a guide for local historians.
Joe Miller, for continued research and writing of a work on “Wild Women Suffragists.” 

Steven Levi, for expenses of a visual presentation of his poem, “The Contract,” about women’s suffrage.
Pam Peirce, for editing of her biography of Katherine Gibson Wicks.

Joe Miller, for his article on “Wild Women Suffragists.” 
Anne Evers Hitz, for her book, Lost Department Stores of San Francisco.

Jim Gasperini, for editing and other expenses in preparation of a book manuscript with the working title Fire in the Mind: How We Imagined the Non-Living Relative that Gave Us Control of the World.
Richard Hurley, to revise and reprint panels of a traveling exhibit, California in the Civil War.
Joe Miller, for research, editing and illustrations for an article, “Wild Women Suffragists and the Sex Scandals that Almost Sank the Movement.”

Marilyn Geary, for translations and copying of materials relating to her work on Swiss-Italian immigrants to California and Australia
Joanne Lafler, toward publication of her biography of Harry Lafler
Peter Meyerhof, in support of  trying to determine location of the Great Adobe Church of the Sonoma Mission
Margaretta Mitchell, to help fund an exhibition of photographs for a symposium on Isadora Duncan
Cathy Robbins, for travel in Calabria to do research for her book on this province of southern Italy
Monika Trobits, for photo rights and reproductions for her book on the history of coffee in the San Francisco Bay Area



Many of our members have received mini-grants from the Institute in aid of their history research. There is an annual deadline in the fall. Only Institute members are eligible. For more information, see Information for Mini-Grant Applicants. Download the application form here.