Monthly Programs

Most months a member will give a presentation, discussing a current work in progress, the research and writing process, or an area of personal interest and expertise. A collegial Q&A ensues, and the speaker can, if they wish, ask for suggestions for improvement in case they will be giving the talk at other venues. These programs are usually held at 2:00 PM on the third Sunday of the month, except for December; exceptions can be made as necessary. A digital projector and screen are available. Another member volunteers to take notes and write a report for the newsletter, or the speaker may provide a synopsis instead.

We try to have a speaker each month, though this is not always possible. Ideally, we schedule the programs as far in advance as possible. Members who are interested in giving a talk or other program (such as a film or exhibit tour) should email


Next Monthly Program

Sunday, April 18,  2:00 pm, Monthly Program, via Zoom. Institute member David Goldberg on

A Family History a photographic historical essay using the language of contemporary visual art

This essay sits at the space where family and history intersect. Immigrants, more than anyone else, except for those living in a war zone, are familiar with that space. The work documents a vast immigration from Eastern Europe to the U.S. and a family's adaption to this new culture.   David Goldberg studied at Columbia University and taught photography at UC Berkeley for 20 years. His fine art photography has shown widely in California and New York. He is currently exploring the incorporation of photography, painting and writing into one integrated composition.