Writers Group

Generally, members of this group are working on books. This support group helps each of us broaden the scope of our understanding on components and treatments in our writing. Members are studying and writing about a wide range of historical places and times. Because the subjects encompass different periods, regions, cultures, occupations, and viewpoints, our critiques tend to concentrate on the essence of the discipline. We are not experts in one another’s fields, and therefore our approach is to examine intrinsic requirements of composition and assess what the general reader needs to know. Submissions are reviewed less from the point of view of diction and more from whether the material would benefit from more or less historical context or a revised perspective.

Portions of our manuscripts or works-in-progress are shared with one another in exchange for spirited discussion, including: improvements in viewpoint, suggestions on how to retain reader interest, possible new research sources, and how to find and work with publishers. Besides the direct aid from such input, the process often opens up new avenues for approaching our own subject.

For more information contact Rob Robbins.

Writers Group Upcoming Meetings

Sunday, July 14, 1:30 pm, via Zoom. Jim Gasperini will present.